1 Neutral Martial Forums Stats
Friendly online community for Martial Arts enthusiasts to discuss all martial arts related topics
Today 82
Average 103.9
Martial Forums
Category: Martial Arts 0/5

2 Down Judoschool Jan Snijders Stats
Complete Judo Information and more than 13000 categorized judo video's of tournaments, techniques, judoka's, kata's etc.
Today 15
Average 60.9
Judoschool Jan Snijders
Category: Martial Arts 4/5

3 Neutral Complete Martial Arts.com Stats
Most comprehensive site covering all aspects of martial arts including history, styles, books, movies, forum, etc.
Today 11
Average 52.3
Complete Martial Arts.com
Category: Martial Arts 3/5

4 Down Wing Chun Training Stats
Tips for Wing Chun training and how to be better at Wing Chun!
Today 7
Average 52.8
Wing Chun Training
Category: Martial Arts 3/5

5 Neutral PressurePointKarate.com Stats
Pressure Point Karate contains loads of information on pressure points, vital points, kata, dim mak, and general martial arts information.
Today 7
Average 54.4
Category: Martial Arts 3/5

6 Up My Self-Defense Blog Stats
Reviews of common self-defense, karate, and MMA issues.
Today 6
Average 26.2
My Self-Defense Blog
Category: Martial Arts 3/5

7 Down Great Fight Videos Stats
Fight Videos, MMA, UFC, PRIDE, WWE, Wanderlei Silva, Chuck Lidell, Anderson Silva, and much more!!
Today 4
Average 27.5
Great Fight Videos
Category: Martial Arts 3/5

8 Down Martial Arts Empire Stats
Top 100 Martial Arts Sites
Today 2
Average 3.6
Martial Arts Empire
Category: Martial Arts 1/5

9 Up MMA Gear and Supplies Stats
From traditional arts like Taekwondo, Karate, and Judo to the new cutting edge MMA gear we have it here at The MMA Zone.
Today 2
Average 34.7
MMA Gear and Supplies
Category: Martial Arts 5/5

10 Down Riz's Martial Arts Training Stats
Articles, Techniques, Strategies Reviews, Discussions, and Tips. Focussing mainly on Karate and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - but other arts are frequently discussed!
Today 2
Average 4.1
Riz's Martial Arts Training
Category: Martial Arts 5/5

11 Up MarksTraining.Com Stats
Fighting and Training Methods for Unarmed Martial Artists wishing to develop skills for Self Defence or for Combat Sports such as MMA, Boxing, Submission Grappling and much more.
Today 2
Average 32.9
12 Up Martial Tournaments Stats
Free listings of Martial Arts events around the world.
Today 1
Average 8.1
13 Down The Dragon Stats
Martial Arts Screensavers-E Cards-Desktop Themes-Wallpaper-Clip-art-Animated images-Chat-Humor and more.
Today 1
Average 0.6
14 Down Warrior Pages Martial Arts Stats
To Educate, Motivate and Entertain martial artists and potential martial artists and to create camaraderie between martial artists of different styles through articles, videos, discussions and more.
Today 1
Average 18.7
15 Neutral Karate das Meninas Stats
The karate world of two teenager sisters
Today 1
Average 8.5
16 Down The LVTKD Taekwon-Do Blog Stats
A Taekwon-Do blog for the LVTKD club where you can find videos, pictures, articles, polls, info and more. A must for any martial arts, especially Taekwon-Do, fan!
Today 1
Average 1.6
17 Down Samurai Ninja and Karate Videos Stats
Samurai Ninja and Karate Videos, Samurai Ninja and Karate Movies, Watch Japanese Martial Arts Videos, Watch Action Movies from Japan
Today 1
Average 0.4
18 Down Bob Yoder's Kung Fu Academy Stats
Since 1993, Bob Yoder's Kung Fu Academy has been providing instruction in Kung Fu and the martial arts in the Grove City, OH area. Tai Shu Do when translated is "The Way of Ultimate Techniques" and it is a fantastic style of martial art for both self d
Today 1
Average 8.9
19 Down Martial Arts Listings Stats
Extensive directory of Martial Arts Websites
Today 0
Average 0
20 Down UFC Brazil Stats
All about MMA and UFC in Brazil.
Today 0
Average 0
21 Down Studio Martial Arts Manager Stats
f you're looking for "martial art software solutions" then welcome to the new Studio Martial Arts Manager. Our software is designed to help studios across the globe run better, smarter and more efficiently. The new Studio Martial Arts Manager goes well
Today 0
Average 0
22 Down MMA Videos Stats
Watch MMA fights from all major mixed martial arts promotions around the World
Today 0
Average 0
23 Down Martial Sports Gear Stats
All your Martial Arts supplies needs at huge discount.
Today 0
Average 0
24 Down Cosmic Ninja - The Best Martial Arts Info Online Stats
Martial Arts Styles, Training, Combat, Self Defense, Tips, Tutorials and eBooks
Today 0
Average 0
25 Down Free Martial Arts Games Stats
Play martial arts games free online, plus reviews, downloads and more.
Today 0
Average 0

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